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USB to UART Bridge (USB-RS232 Converter)

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USB to UART Bridge (USB-RS232 Converter)

usb to uart

USB to USART [Silicon Labs]

The CP210x is a single-chip USB to UART bridge that converts data traffic between USB and UART formats. The chip includes a complete USB 2.0 full-speed function controller, bridge control logic and a UART interface with transmit/receive buffers and modem handshake signals.




usb uart board

USB-to-UART/RS-232 evaluation [Silicon Labs]

The CP2103EK Evaluation Kit contains a USB-to-UART/RS-232 evaluation board based on the CP2103, a complete set of device drivers, USB and RS-232 cables and full documentation. The evaluation board includes an RS-232 level translator and DB-9 connector as well as access to the 3.3 V UART signals.


usb uart bridge USB-UART-Bridge [Silicon Labs]

The USB-UART-Bridge connects UART components with an USB-Host. The Bridge generates a 3.3V Voltage from USB.

This can be used to supply the microcontroller over a jumper (maximum 100mA@3.3V).







usb memory rs232

USB Memory Key Bridge [Cypress]

The USB Memory Key Bridge adds support for any USB Memory Key (or USB Flash Drive) into your embedded system. Based on the Cypress EZ-Host(TM) family of microcontrollers, the bridge provides a standard UART interface to send commands for creating, writing, reading and deleting files on the USB Memory Key connected to the gateway.

A USB Driver for the Cypress USB starter kit


moschip usb USB Connectivity [Moschip]

With MosChip's ever growing array of USB bridge solutions, new
peripherals will continue to provide the consumer extended years of use through a standard interface. The next generation of USB On-the-Go (OTG), part of the USB 3.0 specification, will provide instant upgrades that will benefit from a faster and more reliable connection with all the new emerging technologies.


usb uart USB2USART [EMCelettronica - Open Source]

With this design you can convert the USB signals in a RS232
complete port and vice versa, therefore you can equip your Notebook
with a RS232 serial port, or equip your device with an USB port, by the simple use of the UART of your microcontroller.




Add USB to your Design

With so many microcontrollers offering hardware UARTs, it is
simple and attractive option to add a computer interface to your
design. However, RS232 serial ports have now almost completely been
overshadowed by USB ports, which offer compact connectors, a power
source and extremely fast transfer speeds. For this reason, many
modern laptops no longer have built in RS232 serial ports which is
also increasingly the case with desktops.





FTDI offer a range of products to allow easy interfacing to devices over USB.


Vinculum is the brand name for the new family of USB Host Controller ICs devices from FTDI. The Vinculum family of devices allow the implementation of USB host controller functionality within products, thus saving development time and costs by using FTDI's tried and tested firmware programmed into internal, easily upgradeable Flash memory.


usb bridge

Texas Instruments Solution

The TUSB3410UARTPDK can be used to evaluate the TUSB3410 as a USB to
Serial converter (or "bridge.") The user is expected to be familiar with USB certification requirements.

USB Devices





RS-232 was quite simplistic. While the specs defined the electrical characteristics, little was said about the protocol. RS-232 was a simple communications channel. Send a binary or ASCII byte down the
wire and it gets received by the other end. This allowed RS-232 to be used effortlessly for just about anything. Most designers would develop their own protocols which sat on top of RS-232.



Other solutions

USB Based Microcontroller

Maxim Interfaces


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