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T Mobile G1 Phone: a new buzzword or a real improvement ?

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t mobile g1 phone : a new buzzword or a real improvement ?

T-Mobile G1 phone is not iPhone. Let's see what it is!

Now it seems to me that T-Mobile and Google Marketing task forces have planned a cunning strategy to build up a raising curiosity and hype. Well you can't blame them, it's their bowl of rice (for marketing people the kind of rice we are talking about is always a 6 digit rice..), making a new product attractive and convince potential buyers that their lives have no meaning if they miss the opportunity to buy the latest definitive mobile phone.

But, is G1 Phone the definitive mobile? I had a look at the (not yet?) definitive specs :

  • Size : 116 x 55 x 16 mm
  • Weight : 159
  • Display : 65K color screen, HVGA (480×320)
  • Talk Time : 5 hours
  • Standby Time : 130 hours
  • Memory : Up to 8 gig memory
  • Bluetooth : No stereo.
  • Camera : 3.1 mp
  • GPS : Yes.
  • 3G : Yes
  • WiFi : Yes
  • Keyboard : QWERTY

Pros: it doesn't seem cumbersome, it is light and its battery seems to last for ever, usable keyboard (previews report).
Cons: 3G network coverage is still an issue, no video capture, no stereo Bluetooth, HVGA.

But the real meat is Android, the new Google designed operative system for mobile devices. Most of Google Applications such as Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk YouTube come already installed. Following Apple trend a web shop called "Android Market" is planned, where applications for Android based phones are available (not for free..).

Some enthusiast wrote "G1 is where Symbian should have been two years ago and it’s the wall Windows Mobile will slam into in the next year". G1 received many kudos especially from the geek community, as Android potential development features are plainly evident. I was amused reading the development of an app using the accelerometer, to measure "how long a tossed phone would remain in the air".

But it is not the geek community the target of the fore mentioned marketing task force. They are aiming the ads at the common herd, a much larger pool than geeks and nerds. So their ads are remarking how easy, funny and smart is this G1 phone.
The real question is: Is Android easy enough to be used by the lay man? Or is it too smart?

Up to now I can not tell if G1 is going to be a flop, or a new success story. I was indeed impressed by the following comment posted on a well known blog : "wrap this phone up in a cool body with features that the non-geek wants (headphone jack, camera w/flash and camcorder phone, even stereo BT) ..... but it’s worthless to anyone who’s not a geek. Sex sells. G1 ain’t sexy..".

If this is what the lay man thinks, G1 is doomed (and its marketing task force as well....).

iPhone users

I would like to know the opinion of iPhone users Smile

T Mobile G1 and iPhone

This is a real competition between T-Mobile G1 and iPhone!

Photo gallery

Yes, indeed! It's a competition! Take a look at the photo gallery: iPhone and T Mobile G1. What do you think?

T-Mobile G1 is Open Source

Thanks pal for the links to photo gallery. I like both of them...the difference is that T-Mobile G1 is Open Source, iPhone is not!
I am wrong?

HTC and Android

HTC made an interesting presentation about the Android.
Someone submitted on digg this news 20 hours ago, and the guys are still arguing.

T-Mobile team and Larry Page

T-Mobile team and Larry Page & Sergey Brin (Google boys) in New York announced T-mobile G1 get out in US from October 23 into the store at 179$

Googlephone it's so ugly

Googlephone it's so ugly

Open Source will be the key

The key to G1's success over the iPhone will be Android. For now, iPhone could have the upperhand because it has been around for quite some time. But since Android is Open Source, expect developers to come out with many applications in the months to come.

Gphone = Phone for Developers

Maybe IPHONE is for nerds, but certainly GPHONE/ANDROID is a Phone-for-Developers

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