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Robotics Development Kit Announced by Digilent and Microchip Technology

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Cerebot 32MX4

The Digilent Cerebot 32MX4 Robotics Development Kit addresses the growing interest in robotics applications in the academic and hobbyist markets. The board that ships with the kit can control up to eight servos and three DC motors using Digilent PMOD H-bridge modules. The kit comes with a free version of Microchip’s MPLAB C Compiler for PIC32 and an integrated programming/debugging circuit that is compatible with the free MPLAB IDE.

The Cerebot 32MX4 board has numerous I/O connectors and power-supply options, including USB power, giving users the flexibility to utilize it for a variety of robotics applications. The on-board PIC32 MCU operates at 80 MHz, and features 512 Kbytes of Flash program memory and 32 Kbytes of RAM memory; as well as numerous peripherals, such as USB On-The-Go (OTG), host and device controller, timer/counters, serial interface controllers, Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) and more. The board inside the kit features two push buttons, four LEDs, eight connectors for RC servos and nine connectors for the Digilent PMOD peripheral modules, including H-bridges, ADCs, and Digital to-Analog Converters (DACs), speakers, switches, converters for easy connection to RS-232, servo motors and more. The built-in programming and debugging circuit eliminates the need for hobbyists and academia to purchase a separate debugger or programmer.

“The Cerebot 32MX4 is an ideal robot-control platform, and is designed to work with Digilent’s Robotic Starter Kit,” said Clint Cole, president of Digilent Inc. “It’s our latest entry in the fast-growing robotics engineering education market.”

“Microchip’s collaboration with Digilent is instrumental to our growth in the robotics and academic marketplaces,” said Mitch Little, Microchip’s vice president of worldwide sales. “Given Microchip’s commitment to education and the growing trend in robotics, the Cerebot 32MX4 kit is an ideal, costeffective, high-performance solution for academia around the globe.” Example applications for the Cerebot 32MX4 Robotics Kit include university robotics competitions, senior capstone projects, robotics workshops for educators, and numerous other academic and hobbyist projects.

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