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RFICs for 2 GHz wireless applications from Freescale

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RFICs for 2 GHz wireless applications from Freescale

Freescale Semiconductor introduced LDMOS driver amplifier RFICs created to set new standards for video bandwidth, gain and efficiency for broadband networks. These RF devices are ideal for wireless applications as W-CDMA, Multi-Carrier GSM and the LTE enhancement to UMTS.

Freescale’s RFICs are designed to enable multi-carrier amplifiers in base station transceivers to process more channels than ever before. This performance is expected to reduce base station manufacturing cost and power consumption while decreasing base station annual transmitter operating cost.

The RFICs are designed to meet growing demand for greater RF performance and lower cost, while addressing the wide channel bandwidths of broadband transmission technologies such as LTE. The bandwidth required to accommodate high data rates means that the instantaneous video bandwidth of RF power transistors and amplifiers must be as wide as possible. The greater an amplifier’s video bandwidth, the more adjacent channels it can process. The RFICs include the MW7IC2040N, MW7IC2220N and MW7IC2240N, and all are designed to cover popular bands between 1.8 and 2.2 GHz. The devices are fabricated using Freescale’s high-voltage, seventh-generation (HV7) process technology, which provides significant improvements in gain and efficiency over earlier LDMOS generations.

Read the Italian version: RFIC per applicazioni wireless da 2GHz da Freescale

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