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Programming languages for embedded systems

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EE Software Development

"Programming languages for embedded systems" shows projects which use traditional and alternative high level programming languages available in desktop OSes to manipulate the hardware devices. This resource will showcase the possibilities of development combination with different interfaces, different operative systems, and different languages. Meanwhile some non-traditional programming skills are also addressed, including cross platform deployment, for instance, accessing the Windows DLL in a Linux application. It is quite useful when you have to use the commercial software components available in Windows from Linux application software.
For more informations read EE Software Development.

I read EE Software

I read "EE Software development" and is really interesting. You made a connection between programming and electronics. Cool!

EE Software aka Software for

EE Software aka Software for Electronics Engineers aka Electronics for Software Engineers.
This book was born thanks to Allan K Liu and with the idea to make a link from Software (hi-level) to Electronics (hardware)


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