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Mygeopin simplifies geolocalization like short-url did for urls [FREE App to download]

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GPS localization - Mygeopin

If you need to locate a precise position today it means having to key-into your navigational device longitude and latitude -29.9643784926565, -90.0680637359619, which to the most of us doesn’t mean anything. With Mygeopin it becomes a code like US,NEW ORLEANS,EDJH That’s something else, is not it? But why not more personalized than that? Perhaps, US,NEW ORLEANS, SEAFOOD




What happens when the technology we see and use every day, cannot be fully appreciated because of it’s impracticalities? Easy: one day, someone with an idea simple and genius decides to transform it.

The aim of Mygeopin is to also make geolocation fun, and in its own way, unique to the user.

The world is a really big place and existing geographic systems can be difficult to understand and use.
We all know that latitude and longitude are the two coordinates that may actually indicate a position unambiguously, but they’re definitely a little "unhandy" and absolutely NOT user-friendly.
When is the last time you used the latitude and longitude to find someone or something?
5 continents and over 200 countries, more than 400,000 city and an untold number of addresses, squares,
streets also not yet identified or that may have two names, and, one of which is no longer in official use but some people still use.

These are experiences that we all share, and this often makes it difficult to answer the question

Mygeopin simplifies the complex system of GPS coordinates , transforming it into a code much more
manageable and easy to remember. Also because the main focus is to become particularly useful in everyday situations, even more so now when a great number of us have a smartphone and geolocation device.
Communicating positions can really be simpler than it is today.
Besides being in a place and not knowing how to show where you are is not fun. Who has never got lost
during a trip? Yes, of course, also getting lost is an experience and it is certainly educational but not pleasant
and could, as of today, be a thing of the past:)

Now the idea really seems more appealing, does it not?

You can also download the free APP and book now your unique name .....before someone else does ;)

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