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Microcontrollers USB-Stick Tool

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Microcontrollers USB-Stick Tool

Texas Instruments

Msp430eZ430– TI’s newest development tool includes all the necessary hardware and software in a portable USB stick enclosure. The eZ430 tools includes a free IDE, providing full emulation with the option of designing a stand-alone system or detaching the removable target board to integrate into an existing design.

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Wirelessly enable your design with the eZ430-RF2500, the world’s smallest low-power wireless development tool. At only $49, the tool includes a USB emulator to program and debug your application in-system and two 2.4-GHz wireless target boards featuring the highly integrated MSP430F2274 ultra-low-power MCU. All the required software is included such as a complete Integrated Development Environment and SimpliciTI™, a propriety low-power star network stack, enabling robust wireless networks out of the box. The MSP430F22x4 combines 16-MIPS performance with a 200-ksps 10-bit ADC and 2 op-amps and is paired with the CC2500 multi-channel RF transceiver designed for low-power wireless applications.



ST Microelectronics

ST7The ST7Ultralite Primer (ST7FUS-PRIMER) is a complete, ultra low-cost evaluation and development package that provides a fun and easy introduction to the features of ST’s tiny 8-pin ST7FLITEUS microcontrollers including the internal RC oscillator, 10-bit Analog Digital Converter (ADC), 12-bit Autoreload timer with PWM, Low voltage and Auxiliary voltage detectors.








STR9The STR9-comStick is a complete, low-cost evaluation and development package that provides a fast and easy introduction to the networking features of ST’s ARM966E® core-based STR9 family of microcontrollers. It is specifically designed to help application designers learn about STR9 features supporting 10/100 Ethernet, USB 2.0 full speed and CAN connectivity.




STM32 The STM32-PerformanceStick is a complete, low-cost
evaluation and development package that provides a fast and
easy introduction to the capabilities of ST’s ARM Cortex™-M3
core-based STM32 family of microcontrollers. It is specifically
designed to help application designers explore STM32 features
and performance characteristics (low power modes, clock controls,
wakeup states, etc.), but can also be connected to extension
boards with hardware features for evaluation of device peripherals.



The XC800 USCALE kit is a low cost USB stick providing full evaluation capability for the XC866 , XC886 and XC888 8bit Family of microcontrollers, all on a single platform. The kit includes development toolchains, demos and tutorials for quick installation and ease of use as well as access to the key features and hardware signals of each of the three microcontrollers for more extensive benchmarking and evaluation.





zstarThe ZSTAR demo board was designed to demonstrate Freescale's latest innovations in sensors, wireless connectivity and embedded flash microcontrollers.
This reference design will enable you to see how Freescale's accelerometers can add additional functionality to applications in various industries. The accelerometer measurements performed can be grouped into 6 sensing functions - Fall, Tilt, Motion, Positioning, Shock and Vibration - for multifunctional applications.
The RD3152MMA7260Q development tool offers robust wireless communication using the powerful, easy-to-use 2.4GHz frequency MC13191 transceiver. Minor changes can be made with pin to pin compatibility allowing implementation of the MC13192 and MC13193 for wireless applications.




psocSingle Platform - Multiple Applications Out of the Box

Optimized for Quick Evaluation

Powered by PSoC Mixed-Signal Arrays

Design with no C or Assembly Code with PSoC Express Visual Embedded System Design Tool

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silabsSilicon Labs ToolStick is an easy to use development system that allows designers to develop and debug application firmware directly on the target microcontroller using the Silicon Labs Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Once complete, designers can replace the Daughter Card with a Programming Adapter and program blank devices for use in their actual system.



LPC StickDiscover the performance of the LPC2468 ARM7TDMI core with the LPC-Stick! The LPC-Stick is a small modular evaluation kit with optional extension boards. The LPC-Stick package provides target hardware with the LPC2468 microcontroller from NXP, external SRAM, user pins and LEDs for applications use. Combined with the proven USB debugger device connection and the non-limited HiTOP development tools the LPC-Stick allows full access to all chip features, debugging and programming.




AtmelThe RZRAVEN 2.4 GHz Evaluation and Starter kit enables development,
debugging and demonstration of a wide range of lowpower wireless
applications including IEEE 802.15.4, 6LoWPAN and ZigBee networks. The RZRAVEN kit comprises two AVR Raven boards (AVRRAVEN) with 2.4 GHz
transceiver, on board picoPower AVR application processors and LCD
display, and one USB stick (AVRRZUSBSTICK) with a 2.4 GHz transceiver
for USB connection to your PC. A PC SW package is included enabling wireless network setup and
control, a wireless network analyzer and over-the-air programming.




Useful resources on USB Stick Tools Microcontrollers


Elektor Elektronics

Elektro ElektronicsUSB Stick with ARM and RS232

Gigabyte Flash drive for microcontrollers

This neat stand-alone memory stick can store or transfer data from a
microcontroller system in the field to a PC using its built-in USB and
RS232 ports. Add to that an LCD and the simple to use datalogging mode
is just the icing on the cake!





Elektroda Forum

BASIC Stamp 2 clones / inexpensive alternatives?

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More on Freescale

I would like to point out a "Discovery Kit" from SofTec Microsystems, called SPYDER.
Besides providing a starter kit for MC9RS08KA/QD/QG, it is also a USB to BDM converter, useful when debuging freescale micros. Click on the picture to read some good infos on this nifty device.

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