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Microchip Design Partner

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Microchip Design Partner EMCelettronica

The Ethics Committee of the Microchip Technology Design Partner has given to EMCelettronica the Master Certification for 2008-2009. This is a distinction that awards more than 15 years of activity in electronics design mostly carried out with the Microchip's microcontrollers.

Master Certification

The first project, in 1994, was the porting of a "Telephone Dialler with vocal synthesizer". The device was designed with a Microcomputer H8 Hitachi (which it has to have a low cost & availability, but once the product was developed, the micro's costs climbed and also the delivery time). They asked me to re-design the Alarm Dialler and I did it, using the PIC - PIC16C74 (there weren't the reprogrammable F but just the OTP).

Since then, as a consultant and with EMCelettronica, I realized more then 100 designs.

> Alarm Central Systems (including DIY)
> Infrared Sensors
> Dialler
> GSM Dialler
> electronics key
> electronic keyboard
> siren anti-theft (the first sirens with microcontrollers)
> anti-theft wireless


> Open Gate
> Slide Open Gate
> TX rolling-code
> Receiver


> Race speedometer


> Plane - Interiors

...and more, Consumer, Electro-medical, Industrial, Military, Radiology

Some of these projects are the EMCelettronica property and I am posting them Open source.

GSM Remote Control Open Source (PIC16F628 or PIC18F1220)

SMS Gateway (PIC18F2420)

Rolling Code - HowTo Build a Remote Control Using Rolling Code (PIC16F876)

Phone Dialler Accredited PP.TT (PIC16C64)

We have developed the FTPmicro, an embedded web server with ftp client functionality capable to send email in case of alarm or to read the Feed-RSS without the PC!
FTPmicro Tutorial
For this project we received an award from ASSIPE and Io Programmo magazine wrote an article about FTPmicro.

Furthermore EMCelettronica, in collaboration with some partners, took several courses about the embedded programming on PICmicro, DSPic and PIC24F.

During these years, there were also some collaboration with Companies (Microchip partners too), such as Evidence. With which it was created this article: Ball control on a touch screen (using a Microchip microcontroller) which in 8 months was visited more than 34000 times. Not bad for a DSPIC :)

The video on YouTube has been seen over 57,000 times, of which

12175 from http://dev.emcelettronica.com...
1698 from http://www.elektroda.pl/rtvfo...
1331 from http://blog.makezine.com/
1081 from http://www.ap3.ee/Default2.as...
465 from http://blog.wired.com/sterlin...

So, we are on top on the YouTube' statistics... above Elektroda, Makezine and Wired and this excites me! I hope Microchip is too!

Read the Italian version: Microchip Design Partner


Congratulations for a job well done! Thank you also for all your contributions.

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