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Introduction to the USBMULTILINK

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Hi, my name is Jim Stuart from Freescale Semiconductor Marketing and today I’m going to talk to you about the USB MULITLINK cable for SO8 and ColdFireV1. The first point when you need one, the USBMULTILINK in combination with the one chip Berg bug and debug interface on Freescale’s microcontrollers provides all the functionalities associated with an in circuit emulator at a fraction of the cost. Let’s have a look and see what we have in the box. There are a few pages of documentation. We have the USBMULTILINK itself which comprises of this unit and the cable which connects into your target system. And the USB cable to connect it up to your host PC running CodeWarrior. Although it only costs $99 there’s no need to sacrifice debugging performance. It provides real time non intrusive in circuit emulation sporting complex grade points single stepping and precise functionality. It has been designed to work with our integrated development environment CodeWarrior, running on your PC and connects to the PC via USB. This then connects to your target application via the 6 pin header. Although there are 6 pins, actually only three of these are used. One is for power, one is for reset and one is the back run debug interface itself. Next, let me show you a typical product with the PCB laid out. Contain the 6 pin header. As we can see here, you have the header here. The bug and debug cable we can plug into the header in this way; this then connects into the host PV to allow the debugging session to commence. In conclusion, the USBMULTILINK cable is the single most important debugging tool that you will use in your development. The SO8 or for the Cold Fire V1. At only $99 provides a very low cost entry point for your development.

Read the Italian version: USBMultiLink - Introduzione

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