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Freescale's Solar Power Conversion Technology Breakthrough

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This is Freescale’s ultra low voltage dc-dc converter circuit and I’m going to show it operating charging Lithium ion battery from a solar cell. What I have here is the evaluation board with a circuit on it and this is the amount of voltage. The whole system is metered and the solar cell here is pointing at the sun. This first meter here shows the input voltage right now is 510 millivolts which is system connected with the output voltage and this is the delivered current to the output. I will connect that to the solar cell to the input voltage. We can see that we generate 5.46 volts of the output, 500 millivolts input. As I connect that to the lithium ion cell here, connect it to the output. The input voltage falls to 349 milivolts and we are delivering 63 milliamps, 3.8 volts to the output. I can adjust the output voltage by adjusting it here. I can also light an LED with this circuit. This is difficult to see in the sunlight. The circuit does turn on the LED, 4 volts out. I have connected another ammeter in series with the input. You can see that the input current is 800 milliamps. The input voltage is 349 millivolts. My output voltage is 3.82 volts. And my output current is approximately 60 milliamps. This shows the high efficiency of this system operated from such a low input voltage.

Here is another shot with the 2 source cells in parallel. You can see the input current as 1.26 amperes. The input voltage is 381 millivolts. We’re generating 4.03 volts out at about 97 milliamps. That’s an overall system efficiency of about 83 percent.

Read the Italian version: Tecnologia "Solar Power Conversion" della Freescale

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Read the Italian version: Tecnologia "Solar Power Conversion" della Freescale

the solar cell

I do no want to downplay the merits of the dc-dc converter, but it is actually the solar cell the one that really does the great job here. Getting enough power from such device in order to light up LEDs is the amazing thing, and achieving high efficiency in converting light to electricity is the real challenge, rather than converting low voltage to higher voltage.


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