EOS-Book #0 with Energy Harvesting, Linux&FPGA, a full design about Wi-fi Temperature measurement and much more!


EOS-Book #0 is published! In this issue are included technical articles about the  RFID technology, a full design about Wi-fi temperature measurement, Energy Harvesting and a model to design a heat sink with an easy mathematical approach. Moreover, in a criminal-science approach we will try to understand how the engineering is certainly the most powerful weapon in the world. Then, we will described how to develop Audio, Video, Radio or any other kind of real-time application with a perfect match between Linux and FPGA. In conclusion, a pcb basic guidelines for routing and placing, some interesting revelations on the tracing of communications on the BitTorrent network and a basic circuit for Lightning Radio detection will be analyzed.

The cover of EOS-Book #0:

EOS-Book-Copertina Ottobre 2015 #0


RFID: An acronym, a thousand possibilities


Wi-fi Temperature Measurement [Full Design]


Energy Harvesting: the future of power supply

 energy harvesting da vibrazioni

How to design a heat sink


Is Engineering a criminal science ?


Linux & FPGA: a perfect match


PCB ART Basic guidelines for routing and placing

pcb-lineeguida-sbroglio copy

[Bit Torrent] The unmentionable truth on network control


Lightning Radio Detection: basic circuit for detection


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