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Bluetooth Hacking

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Bluetooth Hacking

Hacking a Bluetooth Cellphone

Walking around with Bluetooth enabled on your cell phones is just like presenting food to a hungry man.

Hackers can easily connect to your device using simple Bluetooth Transmitter and they are then able to manipulate your device without letting you know about it. Let me first define how it happens and then we’ll go to – how to protect your device from Bluetooth hacking attacks.
Bluetooth is a well-known and widely used short range wireless communication technology which uses 2.4GHz frequency range for transmission of data without any physical link. Most of the latest cell phones have the Bluetooth technology. People use it for attaching their cell phone with computers, enabling Bluetooth wireless hands-free and in-car connectivity without knowing that it is an open door to hackers.
While discussing about the past, cell phones and telecommunication companies were “closed network” but as technology grew, Cell phones become more than an ordinary cell phone to a mini-computer. And so, hackers have tended their concentration towards hacking of these mini-computers or so called Cell phones.


How it Works:
When Bluetooth is enabled on your device (cell phone or mini computer or what so ever), it is essential to broadcast the fact that “I’m ON, and I’m able to connect with other Bluetooth devices within range”.

It lets the hackers know which-one is to be targeted. A hacker is simply able to download some special softwares and install it on a laptop or some other device. He can then install a Bluetooth antenna (Bluetooth Transmitter) to that computer (let’s hacker’s source device is a mini computer or a laptop) and put everything in a backpack, briefcase, or simply places it in the memory of his source device. Now, all he has to do is walk around public places where a lot of people are concentrated, and let the computer running in his bag do all the work while no one has any idea what’s happening.
These softwares are designed in such a way that they enable device constantly scan the nearby devices having active Bluetooth connections, and when such devices are found, software device can do a variety of things without letting the owner know about it. The entire process is automated for the hacker as well, so all he has to do is walk around for as long as he can and collect as much data as possible, which he can then manipulate.

Some attacks are less damaging from others, but enabled-Bluetooth allows the hacker to do many things.

It is the term associated with downloading information from a hacked device Bluetooth-enabled, and can even allow the hacker to send a “corruption code” to completely shut the phone down and make it unusable.

It involves using special software to connect to a device and silently making it call another device, usually one the hacker is using, to act as a phone bug.

How to Protect from hacks:
The best way to avoid such attacks is to simply remember to keep the Bluetooth turned off when you’re not using it. Many people will simply put Bluetooth in “hidden”, “invisible” or “private” mode, which, they think will hide themselves from attacks. But reality is harsher then it, hackers have already figured out how to find such invisible-Bluetooth-Enabled devices. Disabling the function altogether is the only way to avoid an attack.

Hacking the bluetooth

To be honest, the bluetooth applications which allow themselves to be hacked in such ways are pretty poor. Quite a lot of security may be embedded at an application level even in bluetooth cell phones or other similar devices. Designers should know that 90% of the people who purchase these devices are technically unknowledgeable (and this is putting it politely) and they should design for that. Even having an "OK->OK->Next->Finish" type of application (asking the phone user to confirm and accept a connection) would be enough to prevent a hacker from making phonecalls through bluetooth from your cell.


Bluetooth new device

hack bluetooth



 Source: trigger.is - ritsch-renn.com

RE:Hacking for money, or proxy commercial or what ?

Claiming to be able to invoke bluetooth module when is is "switched down" sounds unrealistic. Unless, of course, some devices featuring bluetooth connections do not have a real "off" mode for the bluetooth module. For me, "off" means no power it is supplied to the module, and current draw is literaly 0mA (or at least a few nA). But "off" might mean something different for non-battery powered devices and this is what these guys may be referring to.


Can't be hacked when bluetooth is off

I have not come across any device or software capable of bluetooth hacking when a phone’s bluetooth is off. I think the safest way to avoid it is still to keep it off when not in use! Others may not also be aware but they are also vulnerable when they are using their bluetooth-enabled headsets. So don’t forget turn off bluetooth after using those headsets!

There are several bluetooth hacking softwares out there and probably the most popular is Super Bluetooth Hack. This, however, cannot pass through authentication and is useful only when the target phone has gone through at least one time pairing. Subsequent connections will not anymore require user intervention with target device.

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