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Binary in 60 seconds

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Hey guys, welcome to Math in 60 seconds. Today we are gonna talk about binary numbers in 60 seconds. So, let’s go for it here. Alright, binary numbers is what is called a base two system. There’s two things to meet to that. One is that each of the places is a power of two and we will talk about that shortly. In other words, we only have two choices. Everything’s gonna either be a zero or one. So, let’s look at it.
So, first, I wanna put in binary, the number 22. What we are gonna to do is, we are gonna think about how many of each of these are in 22. So, I am gonna start with my biggest. How many 16’s are in 22? Well there is one, one 16 in 22. I’ve used up one 16 where there are still 6 left because 16 of 22, there is 6 more. That means, eight is too much, I only have six left over. So, there is no 8s. I do need a four though. I have 6, I just used up four of them. So, there is a two left, there is a two there as well. That gives me 22. So, check it. 16 plus 4 is 20, plus 2 is 22. So, I don’t need any of the ones. Now, let’s try backwards here. Let’s make up a number. Say, a 01101, let’s see what that is. Well, there is no 22s, there is one 8, one four and one 1. So, that’s 8, a 4 is 12 plus one more gives us a 13. Hey guys, that’s binary numbers in 60 seconds. Hope that helped. See you again soon.

Interesting, but...

...I am fairly good with binary numbers and my English is not bad either; however, I did find difficulties in following his explanations in the first 15 seconds out of the total of 60 seconds. My guess is that someone who has no idea of binary numbers (and this is the kind of people this short clip is dedicated to) will abandon it after these first 15 seconds.

Nice try tough.

I still reccomend the Windows calculator, in "Scientific" mode.


If you are so intelligent,

If you are so intelligent, so fearless, why don't you give us your real name?
I'm sick of people like you who lives under the mom's skirt!

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