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ARM Freescale Smartbooks and Smartphones at Computex 2009 in Taipei

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ARM Freescale Smartbooks and Smartphones at Computex 2009 in Taipei

So, we at the Freescale headquarters in Taipei during the Computex 2009 and who’re you.

Hi, my name is Steve Sperle I do segment marketing for Freescale Semiconductor and I concentrate on Smart books and Net Books.

So there you have it. You have a smart book and a net book. No, sorry you have a smart phone and a smart book.

Yeah, it’s actually in a new class of products and you can call it a smart book. It has a large screen, over 4 inch screen as well as a slide out keyboard and you can see it is running Android. See this has some nice capabilities to it in terms of running.

So, this is an Android device with a 4 inch with a key board and so at Freescale you do processors and all kinds of devices already, right?

Sure do and we do the Net book here. You can see an example of this running a pegatron product. This is running a Blink too and let me play a little clip here for you.

So you have hardware acceleration for the video playback.

Absolutely, able to run 720 P content and display it on the screen here. You can see you got great resolution as well as the ability to have very smooth playback.

It’s nice. So at Freescale, you have tips in the kindle and the Sony reader.

Absolutely. I think you see a common theme here. This pegatron net book unit is very thin, very light and less heat. Certainly capable of something that you can run for 6 or 8 hours. Very long battery life. Thin and sleek. Also you have got the Amazon kindle as you mentioned. You see this is our MX 31 processor in it. So, also elegant and sleek. And then Sony is using an MX 31 in their reader also. So, very cool products.

And Freescale is in how many other things.

I think everything.

Everything all over the place.

Everything all over the place where our heritage is in making semiconductors, obviously. A very long life in the market and we have concentration in networking space as well as automotive, industrial, white goods and consumer products.

So how many ODMs or manufacturers are going to use Freescale right now here at Computexm you are showing the pegatron. You showing some other ones also?

Well, obviously, there’s ICs on display here. We have a restron in the other room where we are showing that inventic IC, yes. Then we have vast number of other companies that have signed up with us. They are the ones we are speaking about now are the ones we can’t speak publicly. But there’s many more in the pipeline.

So, pegatron, restron you are showing here and IC. You are showing this here.

That’s correct as well as companies like the Amazon kindle and Sony and we have multiple operating systems. We have got the Android operating system and Ubuntu operating system and Zandros as well as Phoenix.

So can we try to check the because, did you do some work with the canonical to make Ubuntu work on your chip or?

Absolutely, we’re a very strategic partner with Ubuntu. In terms of the releases that Ubuntu has done for ARM, Freescale is the first one that you have found officially in the market, as early as April of this year and again we will have additional releases along with Ubuntu in their regular cycle. There will be another release in October and then another release in April and then another release in October and Freescale was the first ARM platform available from Ubuntu

So, its available you mean. Where? In some boards that some people can buy?

Anybody with a pulse can download it of the Ubuntu website for free.

You can download the software right now.


But to get it to run on the Freescale processor, you need to wait for these devices to be in the market right.

Certainly, yes. So, those devices will be in the market later this year.

Cool. So here we see the video playback on a Google Android device. This is another trick. It’s no like magic. There you can go back to the menu and this is via Android. There it is. Google Android. Nice. So, thanks a lot for a demonstration of these products.

Thanks a lot. Take your time and hope you will be buying a lot of these products later this year.


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Smartbooks - new class of devices

Smartbooks are a new class of devices that falls between smartphones and netbooks. Smartphones (e.g. iPhone) are mobile phones with PC functionalities like Internet access, e-mail and built-in keyboards. Netbooks (e.g. ASUS Eee PC) are actually just smaller-sized laptops with minimum features and are used to access web-based applications. The Pegatron smartbook is a powerful small gadget if indeed it could support 720p HD video. According to industry sources, Pegatron and the other vendors may launch their smartbook offerings in the later part of this year.

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