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Analog Devices designs power and space efficient MEMS

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Analog devices has introduced a new kind of MEMS motion sensor that can measure tilt, shock and acceleration of space constrained designs. It is designed to be very low power consuming because of its embedded FIFO technology that enables significant overall system power savings by managing host processor power; and it is also designed to be of very high resolution of up to 13 bits.

The ADXL346 designed by Analog devices inc.(ADI) is a 3 axis iMEMS motion sensor that does the aforementioned. It is built to operate at a primary supply voltage of 1.8V and a resolution that can measure an angular tilt as small as 0.25 degrees.

In the tiny 3mm x 3mm x 0.95mm package that the ADXL346 comes in it can pack a multitude of features such as a complete 3 axis smart motion sensor with adjustable measurement range; static and dynamic acceleration measurement unit; automatic power modulation in accordance with output data rate; and power saving stand by and sleep modes.

Additional details of the sensor include an on chip FIFO memory block that can store up to 32 samples of data for each of the 3 axes and off loads the FIFO function from the host processor, so that the host and other power consuming peripherals can go into sleep mode to save power. This particular feature itself can save around 75 % of overall power usage.

“Motion sensing has moved beyond the initial concept of just acceleration and now includes tilt, shock, vibration, and rotation,” said Bill Murphy, product line director for Micromachined Products, Analog Devices. “The cost effective measurement of these forces while consuming very little of the power budget has enabled a new wave of innovative product features and capabilities.”

Source: http://www.analog.com/en/press-release/3_30_0-9_ADI_High_Res_Acceleromte...

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