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WHY dev.emcelettronica.com ?

Internet can either be a huge source of precious, valuable, useful information or a bottomless swamp that drags you down with worthless, unrelated, useless trash.
Along the years the spread between these two sides of the web is getting larger and larger and even more larger, and this for an electronic/software engineer/designer is indeed frustrating.
Moreover, sharing one self experience, in terms of code, schematics, bug report etc. is as much important as taking benefit from other people experience.
That's why we at dev.emcelettronica.com, as electronic engineers ourselves, came out with the idea of offering a web site facing these problems.

WHAT does dev.emcelettronica.com offer?
A web site whose principal targets are :
- Filtering real usefull information from useles ones. This was the one of the sparks that set off the whole process.
- Provide a blog where design ideas can be presented and commented. We originally provide articles and ideas, but anybody can contribute with his/her own experience. (Spark #2)
- Provide “books” for easy access to all necessary info to develop a project from scratch. The topics are broad, from cpu architecture a environmental impact of solid state technologies.
- Provide easy and direct access to semiconductors producers news news.emcelettronica.com. Keep one self up to date about new products is a real burden, we try to relieve designers gathering all news in the same place.
- Provide free access to Datasheets datasheet.emcelettronica.com.
- Provide a search engine optimized for electronic design, just in case you can not find what you need on our web site link a esearch.........!

HOW does dev.emcelettronica.com make things tick?
dev.emcelettronica.com is totally committed to WEB 2.0. (Share for life!) hence the use of TAXONOMY and FOLKSONOMY.
We try as much as possible to give easily readable pages.

At the moment more than 100.000 people per month (for an average of about 350.000 pages / month) visit our web site.
This simply means that advertising on our site pays back with an high level of visibility.
We do not want to offer a billboard cluttered of ads, since our aim is to offer a tailored solution for the advertiser business.
We also think that a good technical article offering an immediate solution for a real life problem is still the best form of advertisement in the system designes world.
That's why we articulate our offer in terms of visibilty rather than page area size.

dev.emcelettronica.com WANTS YOU !
We are looking for contributors with technical expertise about any kind of topic concerning :
Embedded systems.
PCB design.
Power Supplies.
Analog design.
Firmware and device drivers development.
RF and data transmission protocols and circuits.



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